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Lectures and Excursions

Robin Douglas is a recurring lecturer at LIFE (Learning is for Everyone) a program focused on Senior learning at Mira Costa College, Osher Life Long Learning Institute, a UC San Diego Extension, San Diego Rotary Chapters, Beta Delta & Eta Eta, and the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA).  She also has led tours and trips to some of the most notable art museums in the country, including to the Art Institute of Chicago and the Broad of Los Angeles.  With decades of experience, Robin Douglas is uniquely qualified to lecture on a multitude of topics.  Here are some of her recent lecture topics:

  • 30,000 Years of Art (4 Installments)

  • 101 Paintings you Must See (4 Installments)

  • The Genius of Women (4 Installments) 

  • Julia Morgan: More than Hearst's Castle

  • Art and Music

  • Art and Science 

  • The Art of Architecture

  • Architecture of New Art Museums

  • Museum of Lost Art 

  • Art Collections and Their Collectors

  • Julia Morgan, Famed Architect of California and Beyond

  • Georgia O’Keeffe

  • How to Read a Painting

  • Contemporary Art Explained

  • Stolen Art of the 20th Century

  • Top 21st Century Artists (who happen to be female)

  • Female Abstract Expressionists 

  • Censorship in Art

  • Caravaggio

  • Peter Paul Rubens 

  • Van Gogh/Gauguin/Cezanne 

  • California Impressionism

  • Graffiti Art

  • Outsider Art

  • The Art of Surrealism  

  • Flowers in Art

  • Artist Studios and Homes 

  • Art of Collecting and Art Collectors 

  • Royal Art Collections 

  • Non-Western Art

  • Beauty in Different Cultures

  • What Paintings Really Say

  • Road Tripping to the greatest Art Museums in the USA (3 installments) 

Lectures and Excursions: What We Do
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