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Taste of Art: Outsider Art

In person at OMA May 13th 6-8 pm

In association with OMA’s new exhibition Color of Sound, celebrate the artistic spirit of creators who exist outside the mainstream art world, rewriting societal norms and definitions. Explore the methods of artists on the autism spectrum and others who are neurodivergent, taking a closer look at their intrinsic abilities and honest vision to make expressive works of art. Join Robin Douglas for a brief lecture followed by a hands-on workshop where you can draw and paint in free-thinking, intuitive and energetic techniques embodied by the Outsider Art world


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Workshop: The Joy of Nature

In person at OMA June 7th and 9th 1-4 pm

Using inspiration from master painters of nature, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keeffe, and David Hockney join Robin Douglas to explore their three very distinct styles. Using Van Gogh's rich, thick repetitive brushstrokes, O'Keeffe's smooth organic transitions, and Hockney's joyful, playful colors and shapes we will celebrate nature on our own canvases. All supplies provided.

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Lecture: The Sound of Color

Zoom Lecture via OMA June 10th 7-8:30 pm

Art is for everyone, all ages, abilities and imaginations. We will focus on artists with a pure vision untainted by whether the art pleases anyone else but themselves. They are driven to create, have a different voice and show us the inner depths of their talents.
Many of these artists are self taught, create alone and oftentimes they are not acknowledged in their life time. Join Robin Douglas for an exploration into “Outsider Art”, it’s history and recent recognition as a very valid art form.


Taste of Art: California Through Monet's Eyes

In Person at OMA June 17th 6-8 pm

How would Monet translate Southern California onto canvas? He spent some time in the south of France, which has a very similar atmosphere to our coast, creating beautiful and serene landscapes. Join Robin Douglas for a short presentation for inspiration and then create your own masterpiece using vital brushstrokes with soft colors to capture our rich surroundings. All supplies included.


Workshop: Max Ernst and his experimental painting techniques

In person at OMA July 12th and 14th 1-4 pm

Ernst was a prolific artist who experimented endlessly to create unworldly imagery.
One intriguing technique was termed Decalcomania, combining printmaking and painting, producing imaginative, intuitive paintings that included spontaneous tactile fields of colors. Join Robin Douglas to learn and create your own multi level paintings. All supplies included.


Taste of Art: Hilma af Klint Automatic Drawing Techniques

In person at OMA July 27th 6-8 pm

Using a variety of materials and techniques we will explore the abstract inner world of the first artist to depict total abstraction, Hilma af Klint. This Swedish artist was undiscovered for years and now is the foundation of cutting edge Surrealism, Symbolism and Mystic Spiritualism. Join Robin Douglas for this immersion into not only the depiction of imaginative scientific systems but emotive and analytic mark making.
All supplies provided.


Workshop: Southern California: Hard Edge Painting

In Person at OMA August 2nd and 4th 1-4 pm

In the 1960s and 1970s, many California artists explored the Post Surrealism era through hard edge abstraction, imagery with deep vistas, interiors, still life, other worldly places in intuitive compositions. Many of these artists including Karl Benjamin, Frederick Hammersley and Helen Lundeberg who were the renowned artists from the time. Join Robin Douglas to explore their techniques, intent and innovative canvases. All supplies included.


Taste of Art: Rorschach Prints ala Andy Warhol

In person at OMA August 12th 1-4 pm

Andy Warhol’s “butterfly” paintings were inspired by Psychiatrist Herman Rorschach’s ink blot tests. Join Robin Douglas to explore the ways and means Warhol used to create his gigantic symmetrical paintings which hang in many prestigious collections.
After a brief slide presentation we will focus on color, brushstrokes and the technique used to create your own unique painting. All supplies included

Robin Douglas

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Robin Douglas

Robin Douglas has taught art for 47 years at every level and venue - including 36 years as an Art Professor at the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana. She taught many studio and art history courses. Some of her service included the positions of the Associate Director of the School, the Graduate Coordinator and the Program Chair of Art Education, Study Abroad Coordinator, University Senator and a member of the Scholar’ Faculty and was titled a University Distinguished Faculty Member.

While at the university Robin was also a board member of the Spurlock museum, the Krannert art museum and the Urbana Arts Council. Her own art work is in many private and public collections. 

Currently she presents a variety of art studio workshops monthly and gives art related lectures at the Oceanside Museum of Art. She serves on the OMA museum board and several committees-including the Art Education and Art Auction committee. 

Robin also gives tours to adults, school and scouting groups and arranges tours to Los Angeles art museums.

She is a recurring lecturer at LIFE (Learning is for Everyone) a program focused on Senior learning at Mira Costa College, Osher Life Long Learning Institute, a UC San Diego Extension, San Diego Rotary Chapters, Beta Delta & Eta Eta, and the Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA).  She received OMA's medal of distinction in 2018 for her outstanding contributions to art education at the Oceanside Museum of Art.


Robin, her husband, and family travel constantly to conduct research at several art museums keeping current with the art world.

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Email Robin to request lectures, workshops, or to book a private tour or trip for your group. She is also available for individual or group critiques as well as serving as a juror for art shows. Her private commissions hang in private homes, hotels, universities, and corporate buildings.